Harsh Bharwani has been doing international business for the past 12 years.  After finishing his undergraduate in the University of Delaware. He joined his 67-year-old family business.  He has opened offices in U.S.A. and Vietnam and has various partnerships. Harsh has trained over 3 Lakhs students in employability,  confidence, health, wealth, relationship and success. Harsh has also written the highly successful book called It’s My Life at a young age of 21. He is a certified firewalk instructor, Health and Success Coach, Master Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapist and Reiki expert. Harsh Is a 4th generation entrepreneur. He Runs The Most Successful IT Training Institue In India By the Name of Jetking.

Harsh Has Started And Made Successful 4 Startups And Has Coached and mentored 4,00,000 students across the on startups, business, career and relationships